Heckyl Shares New Single ‘Stranger’

Following the success of his debut single Preacher, Heckyl, the new project from British singer, songwriter and producer Luke Potter, has just shared his sophomore single Stranger, a Tropical House-infused pop song about struggling with anxiety. 

 I 100% relate to this song as I am one of those people that go to bed and all those feelings and doubts start to flood my head, making me feel anxious and most times I end up losing sleep because of it. I am sure many of us deal with these monsters inside our heads and I like how Heckyl effortlessly captures those feelings into a memorable pop song. 

Self-written, performed and produced in his Sweet Factory studio, Stranger is a mixture of catchy melodies, harmonies built upon a base of imaginative ‘Kygo-esque’ rhythm, percussion and swirling synths. Its upbeat, sun-soaked melodies and feel-good atmosphere (which contrast with the lyrics) make it perfect to be the soundtrack of those fun weekends out in the sun. Check it out below!