Heckyl Shares Debut Single ‘Preacher’

Heckyl, the new project from British singer, songwriter and producer Luke Potter, has just shared his official debut single Preacher, an infectious pop song about being exactly where you need to be in life.

Written, performed and produced by Luke in his Sweet Factory Studio, Preacher is a radiant pop song packed with memorable melodies and an overall feel-good atmosphere that instantly got me hooked to it. I am a fan of his lovely, distinctive vocals and how they easily convey the emotion of his beautifully-written storytelling. Preacher is a song about living in the moment, appreciating what we have in life and is wrapped around groovy guitar riffs, energetic percussion, bright synths and a highly infectious chorus perfect to sing along to. I am very fond of the song's warm, feel-good vibes that remind me of those fun, laid-back summer days. Definitely an enthralling listening experience and another great example of Luke's talents. Quite excited to hear more from his new project Heckyl. In the meantime, have a listen to Preacher below!



Speaking about the song, Luke Potter said,

Preacher is a song about being exactly where you need to be in life. It’s a song about living in the moment and appreciating what you have in life, not chasing the things you don’t need.