clide Shares New Single ‘can’t give back your love’

American singer and songwriter clide has just shared his brand new single can't give back your love, the first single to be taken from his upcoming EP. 

I am loving his vulnerable and emotive vocal delivery that instantly draws the listener to his relatable storytelling. can't give back your love is a gorgeous pop ballad about having to break someone's heart, and the pain that comes with that as wel. It's a song written in a perspective that isn't usually talked about that much and shows that deciding to break up with someone has also its amount of pain and heartache. 

This message is wrapped around a polished pop production with a cool beat, warm melodies and luscious vocals that create and overall warm and intimate atmosphere that enhances the emotion of his storytelling. His vocals and warm atmospehre of the song sealed the deal for me and I think you'll love it too. Check it out below!