byelian Shares New Single ‘Thud’

German artist and producer byelian has just shared his brand new single Thud, a warm piece of electro-pop music. 

I am really enjoying the tone of his vocals and how they smoothly flow over the memorable electronic production while effortlessly connecting the listeners to his storytelling. Thud is a cry for help and wanting to escape from the pain and is wrapped around a warm and intimate electronic production. I am particularly fond of the cool percussion and bright electronics that back his flawless vocal delivery. 

Thud is a warm, somewhat dark-infused piece of electronic music which is accompanied by a striking music video, shot by amelie siegmund/RAW SOULS, which embodies the song's atmosphere and message. This music video features some explicit content, so viewer discretion is advised. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, byelian said,

‘Thud' is a cry for help - a call to reach out to one's closest counterpart and believe with all one's might in something different, something better. The daily increasingly dull pain blurs into a feeling of disorientation with the only desire to escape it once and for all.