A Choir of Ghosts Shares New Single ‘Oceans’

A Choir of Ghosts, the moniker of Swedish alt-folk musician James Auger, has just shared his brand new single Oceans, a warm indie-folk song out now via Greywood Records.

I am really enjoying the tone of his expressive vocals which are beautifully backed by a guitar-based melody. Oceans is a song about the effects of the pandemic in relationships, especially the distance it created between everyone. I am very fond of the intricate guitar melodies and they create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere that allows for his vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, A Choir of Ghosts said,

Oceans is about the space that has grown between everyone over the last year. We're all just stood at the dock waiting for the boat to come and take us home, it's just that no one knows when that will come.