Bowski Island Shares New Single ‘Physical Presence’

Bowski Island, the moniker of Swedish singer and songwriter Patrik Jakubowski, has just shared his brand new single Physical Presence, out now via Sony Music Sweden.

The lead single of his upcoming debut EP which is set to arrive this Spring, Physical Presence is a captivating piece of music that blends organic instruments with stunning electronic elements. I am really enjoying his passionate vocal delivery and how it soars over the captivating production. I am particularly fond of the guitar riffs throughout the song and how they are nicely paired with cool percussion and a memorable driving beat.

Physical Presence is a song which dives into the deeper meaning of how digital relationships are currently the new norm. There's somewhat of a melancholic touch in this song that keeps me coming back to it and its warm and intimate soundscape makes it perfect for a chill day at home. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Bowski Island said,

I'm scared of the idea that we believe we have spent quality time together, when it’s only been through a screen. I hope that when we interact in real-life situations, the digital life we have become accustomed to does not impact us in a negative way.