Tryzdin Shares New Single ‘Whisper’

Sixteen-year-old breakout artist Tryzdin (and lead singer of the band Siant Mars) has just released his sophomore single as a solo artist, Whisper, out now via Grá Mór Phonic Records. The song is the first of its kind to be written by Tryzdin himself, with long-term collaborator Marc Darcange (Saint Mars) crafting the arrangements. The song was produced by Billboard Top Twenty/UK no 1 rising DJ/Producer Herbert Skillz (Wayne Wonder, Pit Bull, Tory Lanez, King Doe Boi, Alonestar, Ed Sheeran) and features Pharrell Williams/N.E.R.D. guitarist Brent Paschke.

I am really enjoying the guitars throughout the song which is built around a delicate blend of acoustic and electronic arrangements. Whisper is a song that speaks about his own journey into overcoming pain and further illustrates his sensibilities for social causes such as bullying and abusive relationships. The song shares a message of rising up in the face of adversity, under the positive energy of the infectious choruses. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song Tryzdin said,

I wrote the song ‘Whisper’ about a love/hate relationship. The song can be taken in anyway you see fit and I feel that its actual power. The lyrics are a call for help or a realization; the chorus speaks about ‘whispering through the pain’, which are very very strong words. During a love/hate relationship, bullying, anything involving hurt, the victims are always scared to speak up about it because of the backlash he might receive or the fear that the situation may get worse…so they whisper. Whisper is a very special song to me because it is my first track as a songwriter. The song was developed fairly fast. I hope every person who listens to the song feels some closure if they are going through anything similar.