Ryk Shares New Single ‘Diamonds’

Following last month's retro-tinged pop song All He Wants, Stockholm-based German alternative pop newcomer Ryk has just released his brand new single Diamonds, an epic, cinematic piece of music with a stunning orchestra!

Diamonds is such a powerful song and I am really enjoying the blend of classic and electronic elements that make the song stand out. It's a mixture of his background in classical music demonstrated by harmonic structures and changes you hardly find in commercial pop music, his crystal clear voice, a dystopic electronic beat and a melancholic piano. All this accompanied by 16-person counting symphonic orchestra, recorded live in Stockholms RCM Kungasalen. Apart from his powerful vocals what I love the most about the song is its dramatic atmosphere and emotion which is beautifully enhanced by the production. I am particularly fond of the emotive piano chords, powerful electronic elements and delicate strings. Quite a memorable listening experience which I think you will enjoy! Check it out below!