Ryk Shares New Single ‘All He Wants’

Stockholm-based German alternative pop newcomer Ryk has just released his brand new single All He Wants, a retro-tinged piece of pop music.

I am really enjoying his extraordinary voice and how it effortlessly glides over the upbeat production packed with retro drums, lush piano chords, a soulful bass and an infectious chorus perfect to sing along to. Listening to this song I get 60s/Amy Winehouse vibes with stomping beats and gorgeous harmonies. Ryk's storytelling is quite captivating and it captures the listener's attention from start to finish and I think you guys will love it too. Check it out below!



 Speaking about the song, Ryk said,

I love to write dark ballads and tell mystical stories, that will always be a very important part of me. But I was tired of sitting sadly at the piano for an eternity after each breakup. The experiences that I was allowed to make in my last relationship were so different and so impressive that I wanted to try to pack all that beauty, freedom, positivity and this lightness of being in love into the music in order to rebuild myself after the breakup. 'All He Wants' gave me so much pleasure personally and helped me so much that I just need to share it now.