Rare Monk Share New Single ‘Silverlake’

Portland-based indie-rock band Rare Monk have just shared their brand new single Silverlake, the latest single to be taken from their new album, Never Really Over, out now.

This song was written in reaction to the recent "Californian invasion" into Portland, as they flocked to the city looking for more affordable living but never truly embraced life there, complaining about mundane things that make Oregon and Portland unique. This message is wrapped around a highly infectious indie-rock production with a killer bass, soaring guitars, punchy percussion and attitude packed vocals. Definitely an enthralling listening experience for indie-rock lovers out there! Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, the band said,

"Silverlake” was written in reaction to the Californian invasion we experienced living in Oregon and more specifically Portland. Our once - affordable artistic haven has become overrun by Californians moving into our city, looking for a similar “scene” at a lower cost and in turn raising our rent, all while complaining about the weather along the way. All the things that outsiders complain about; the rain, the moss and mold, the overcast weather, is what makes Oregon and our city unique, so if you don’t like it, move back to where you came from!