Rampton Prom Share New Single ‘Little Things’

British trio Rampton Prom have just shared their brand new single Little Things, out now via their own Promulous Hits label.

This song just gave me an extra dose of energy to go through my evening and I think you guys will enjoy it too. Rampton Prom deliver a UK Bassline-influenced single with lush vocals and tender lyrics. As a call to those who are missing nightlife since the coronavirus lockdown first came into effect, Little Things serves as a reminder of those heady days on the dancefloor and fills us with high expectations of where they will end up later this year. I am loving the infectious bass and how the vocals give the song an emotive and anthemic touch that got me singing along to it while dancing. If you're into feel-good pieces of dance music that will give you nightlife vibes, then you'll love Little Things. Check it out below!


Speaking about the new offering, their singer Gina says,

I guess lyrically I was exploring how the good and bad sides of everything spin around together and how my past is always catching on my heels. It’s for those needing some help shrinking the mountains back down to molehills. I feel like we went somewhere else the night we wrote ‘Little Things’ and I still get excited when I listen back. I hope that element of escapism comes across.

Rampton Prom is made up of Jonny (Bubs), Ryan (Breeze) and Gina (Queen G). The trio keep a tight grip on how the project sounds and is presented, maintaining that their close friendship acts as the central pillar of the Promniverse.