Maari Share New Single ‘Silver Whispers’

Maari, the moniker of Australian artists Dominic Cabusi and Bronte Maree O'Neill, have just shared their brand new single Silver Whispers, a lovely electro-pop song.

I am really fond of their smooth, dulcet tones and how gorgeous their harmonies are, flowing beautifully over the warm production. Silver Whispers is a song about falling in love again and again, against all odds. I am also really enjoying the touches of nostalgia in the song and how the production gives me some retro-pop vibes that I feel it makes the song stand out even more. Have a listen to this lovely song below!



Speaking about the song, Dominic said,

I think anytime you set up and settle into a new space it’s inspiring. There was this love, nostalgia and excitement in the air... for the first time when creating I could feel a breeze, I could see trees and nature. One afternoon I was writing to the sunset and just tried to capture the pink / orange glow along with the bittersweet feeling of ending an era but beginning a new chapter. 

Bronte added,

You're always going to hear the nostalgia and melancholy in our music, but now it's like the sun's come out too.