Etaoin Shares New Single ‘Pale Damp Cheeks’

London-based singer and songwriter Etaoin has just shared her sophomore single Pale Damp Cheeks, out now via Made Records.

Pale Damp Cheeks follows her debut Bedroom Walls and showcases Etaoin’s intricate finger-picking guitar and belting vocal melody. I am very fond of the warm atmosphere of the acoustic guitar-driven melody and how her vocals are packed with raw emotion, instantly connecting the listener to her storytelling. This is a song about loneliness and longing for healing following heartbreak and these feelings are enhanced by the stripped down production. Etaoin is such a gifted singer and songwriter and I am happy to share this gem with you guys! Check it out below!


​ Speaking about Pale Damp Cheeks, Etaoin says:

It was winter time, a few days after a boy told me 'I like you, but I like her more than you.' And I just sat there feeling so angry at the whole situation. The heating had gone in my house, all the lights were out. There was no one home and I was sitting with my back against the radiator. 

This song is about wanting to run away from the pride and the anger. I wondered if it was normal to feel so messed up about something. Trying to convince yourself that you are fine and you don’t care, then taking the bandage off and immediately realising: I wasn‘t ready, it‘s not healed.