The Cabaret Quicksand Share New Single ‘Colours’

Canadian band The Cabaret Quicksand have just unveiled their brand new single Colours, an indie Folk/Pop song featuring the lovely vocals of Serena Pryne of The Mandevilles.

I am really enjoying Serena's vocals and how they are packed with raw emotion, soaring effortlessly over the polished production. I am particularly fond of the guitars and banjo melodies that are nicely intertwined with emotive piano chords and cool percussion, creating a warm atmosphere for their powerful storytelling. 

Colours is a beautifully written song that depicts the current state of the world that has become divided with people attacking each other on social media for political, religous and social beliefs. This powerful message is wrapped around a captivating blend of Americana, Folk and Pop elements that make it quite an enthralling listening experience. Check it out below!

Speakin about the song, Craig Rewbury of The Cabaret Quicksand said

More than ever there is a tug of war between the left and right political spectrums and as a result the world has become divided. Each thinks their approach /methodology is superior and each are willing to throw the other under the bus to prove who is “right” and definitely blame who’s “wrong”. As a human race, we have resorted to character assassination and shaming each other on all media platforms for the political, religious and social beliefs we possess. We are described by colours more than ever whether it be our appearance, political spectrum, occupation and so on. The song is really a play on all of these things.The colour ideology has become a violent extension of society. Afro-Americans can definitely attest to that as history keeps repeating itself. We need to change it before it’s too late.