Sage Ray Shares New Single ‘She’s Worth It’

SoCal-based singer and songwriter Sage Ray has just shared his brand new single She's Worth It, a captivating alt-pop song about not giving up on love when things get tough.

I am really enjoying his passionate vocal delivery as it easily conveys the emotion of his relatable storytelling. She's Worth It is a song inspired by a difficult relationship and not giving up because you've hit a rough patch. This song is wrapped around an infectious pop production with lush, acoustic guitar riffs, dreamy harmonies, punchy percussion and somewhat of an anthemic chorus. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Sage Ray said,

I wrote this song during a difficult relationship. While she was healing from her past, I was giving my guts loving her the best I knew how. Our dynamic caused lots of disconnect and bad communication and I think most people would’ve given up. In fact, lots of people told me I should. But I learned that real love is laying my life down for others. Loving even harder when things get tough. Committing and persisting through something many in my world said was hopeless was one of the most beautiful, vulnerable experiences I ever had and I’d never trade it.