GROUNDSTROEM Shares New Single ‘Boy On The Moon’

Up-and-coming Swedish singer and songwriter GROUNDSTROEM chas just shared his brand new single Boy On The Moon, the title track of his long-awaited debut EP Boy On The Moon, out now.

Boy On The Moon is a relatable song about the uncertainties of youth and the doubts we all have surrounding who we want to become in our lives. As an overthinker I've got to say that I had my share of thoughts and doubts regarding who I want to be, and I still have those from time to time. GROUNDSTROEM perfectly captures those feelins of being stuck in limbo and lost in space.

This relatable song is wrapped around an infectious pop production packed with lush guitar riffs and catchy beat beautifully backing his silky, smooth vocals which effortlessly convey the emotion of his storytelling. Check it out below!

In Filip Groundstroem’s own words, the song is all about,

being young, lost and having no idea about what you want to do with your short time here on planet Earth. As a young person, you’re constantly on the quest for who you are and how to fit into the box. You try different jobs, hang out with different people in different environments, but still struggle to see yourself in the bigger picture.