Ovie Shares New Single ‘One More Time’

Irish artist Ovie has just shared his brand new single One More Time, an infectious blend of Pop, R&B and Afrobeat about not knowing what you have until its gone.

This cool message is wrapped around a fun and upbeat production that will give you that urge to get up and dance. I am really enjoying the tropical rhythms that infuse the song with a summery vibe that will get us warm in the coming cold winter days. I am also enjoying how the upbeat production contrasts with the lyrics that capture the idea that while someone might seem to have it all, they are not necessarily happy. To accompany the release, Ovie shared its official, self-directed, music video which you can check out below!

Talking about the new single, Ovie explains,

The first two lines of the song are ‘I wish I knew then what I know now, I didn't see clear but see now’. Lyrically I tried to be very honest. I think many people can relate to the feelings I'm describing in the song. I told the story of a guy who seemingly has everything but is unhappy because he lost what really mattered in the process of getting everything he thought mattered .

Speaking about the video, Ovie added,

Production wise I wanted to create a Juxtaposition between the lyrics on paper and the vibe of the song. It's really a sad song but if you were to listen passively, I think you'd probably miss that. That's what I wanted, an honest sad song that you could dance to. My scenes were full of muted colours, sadness, rain, lightning and rigidity and the scenes of the person I'm missing are happy, colourful, dynamic and she's dancing etc. She's what is missing, and I wanted to make that really really clear. I hope that came across…