Melpo Mene Shares New Single ‘Once Had It All’

Swedish singer and songwriter Melpo Mene has just shared his brand new single Once Had It All, a dreamy indie-pop song reflecting the harmony and dissonance of everyday life.

I am really fond of his smooth, sensitive vocals which soar over a polished production packed with warm synths and atmospheric guitars. I really like the plucky guitar melody and how it is nicely intertwined with stunning synths and dazzling piano which enhance the song's melancholic touch. I am also enjoying the song's dreamy, laid-back atmosphere that makes it perfect for a relaxing and introspecitve weekend at home. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song Melpo Mene said,

You set out your curious mind to lay the puzzle of life. You open a door only to find another. You remove a curtain only to find another. You take a step only to end up where you were. You look to the sky only to find a universe of shrugging shoulders. The very attempt to figure things out has left you more lost than ever. You who once had it all, an idea of right and wrong, a shiny unobtainable dream, a paralyzing fear of death, ambition and hopes to be adored by society, now you have nothing. What a terrifying and lonely relief. However, as the song suggests, in the end, no matter the condition of whatever form of life you happen to run in to, it will respond to love. Nobody can sink lower than that.