Mano Mwanz Shares New Single ‘10Thousand’

Canadian singer and songwriter Mano Mwanz has just shared his brand new single 10Thousand, a smooth piece of Contemporary R&B.

I am really enjoying the guitar plucks throughout the song and how they stand out among the captivating production packed with a cool bass and catchy melodies. I am also very fond of his gorgeous vocals and how they perfectly convey the emotion of his positive storytelling. This is a song that shares a message of hope, especially in this crazy year. I am also enjoying Deandra Henry's soulful vocals which fit perfectly with Mano Mwanz's smooth tone. Check out this laid-back, feel-good piece of music below!

Speaking about the song, Mano Mwanz said,

This year was full of ups and downs, a real roller coaster of emotions that made me question everything around me. As hard as it might be to hear it during a season of trials, there is purpose in the struggle we are all facing. but there is say it in my lyrics "can you hold my hands in the water, my hands in the fire, my hands in the darkest place." I'm not asking for a more comfortable life or pain and hardship to go away but for someone to hold me during this season. One of the best ways to overcome the challenges of life is by having a sound support system. In my case, my faith was what got me through this year.