f o l l o w t h e r i v e r drops new single ‘November, as a Water Well’

Italian singer-songwriter f o l l o w t h e r i v e r, the moniker of Filippo Ghiglione, is back with a brand new single titled Noember, as a Water Well,  released in collaboration with Positive Ground Music and produced by Federico Malandrino.

I am a fan of his warm, emotive vocal delivery which is beautifully wrapped around a captivating indie-folk production packed with melancholy guitar strums and cool electronic nuances. His vocals are so expressive and packed with raw emotion, instantly connecting the listener to his storytelling. On November, as a Water Well, f o l l o w t h e r i v e r talks about the experiences he lived with his partner and which will be the key to be able and move over uncertainties, trusting his own feelings and the feelings of his partner. This is wrapped around a mesmerising production that has an overall melancholic and warm atmosphere perfect for those cold rainy days at home. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, f o l l o w t h e r i v e r said, 

November, as a water well is a new song found at the bottom of a water well and born where autumn ends, stuck into the wide and empty skies of a cold November. This is the first step of a new chapter, the first planet of a long series to land on, but this time with a team of friendly people behind my back and a new road ahead to be discovered.