Denae Shares Stripped Version Of New Single ‘Last Night’

American singer and songwriter Denae has just shared a stripped version of her first solo release Last Night.

I am a sucker for stripped back songs and this one is right up my alley. Denae's lush, seductive vocals soar beautifully over the intimate and minimal production packed with emotive piano chords and acoustic textures. This version enhances the song's brutally honest yet hauntingly beautiful story of love and revenge, something many can relate to. Her vocals and piano are my favourite parts of this song that has so much raw emotion and I think you will enjoy it too. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Denae says that,

this first song is really a tribute to how it all started, I was in a really dark place, mad at an ex and wanting revenge. In the acoustic version, however, I show off my more vulnerable side, looking into the realities of the sadness and tragedy that come along with betrayal and revenge.

I’ve always hopped in between electronic and acoustic which is why I’ve decided to do a stripped down acoustic version of every single song, which also tell a whole other side of the story.