Claudillea Shares New Single ‘Requiem’

Emerging British artist Claudillea has just shared her brand new single Requiem, a captivating fusion of electronic and opera music.

I am really enjoying her dreamy, ethereal-like vocal delivery and how it enhances the emotion of her storytelling. I am also enjoying how Requiem features excerpts from ‘Pie Jesu’ from Faurè's ‘Requiem’, making the song stand out even more from others. This song has an expansive and cinematic atmosphere that is quite soothing and perfect for a relaxing weekend at home. Requiem showcases Claudillea’s ability to fuse disparate genres seamlessly together - bringing a refreshing flair to opera’s archaic traditions. Filled with shimmering synths and pounding pop melodies, Claudillea’s vocals are poignant and powerful - carving out her own musical lane. Check it out below!