Twenty Committee Share New Single ‘Is It Real’ ft. Chloe Rodgers

Following last month's gorgeous single Something New, Scandinavian collective Twenty Committee, led by producer Anders Källmark, have just shared their new single Is It Real, another collaboration with singer and songwriter Chloe Rodgers.

Taken from their highly-anticipated debut EP Minutes Volume 1 (out now), Is It Real is a mesmerising piece of pop music that flawlessly captures that bright and uplifting sensibility they are always looking to pursue. I am loving how Chloe's stunning vocals are layered over a warm and enticing piano-led composition which cements them as a firm and atmospheric outfit with an almost unending creative spirit. This is a perfect song to listen to while home on a cold, rainy day. Have a listen to this gem below!

Speaking about the new EP, Källmark said,

I always thought this was a great collection of songs. Some of them have however lived quite the tough life and did not really feel good and comfortable with themselves until they met Chloe’s fantastic voice.

Adding about Is It Real, the producer said,

Less is of course always more, in the case of the beautiful is it real, even less is most definitely even more.