Simon XO Shares New Single ‘Relief’

Simon XO, the solo project of singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Armstrong, has just shared his brand new single Relief, the focus track of his Dual EP, Beacons, out today.

Relief is a lovely indie-pop/folk song on which Simon XO beautifully showcases his warm, smooth vocals over an intimate production packed with cool guitar riffs, delicate piano chords, steady percussion and lovely horns. The song is about forgiveness and understanding and is wrapped around such a captivating production that allows the listener to fully focus of Simon's lush vocals and storytelling. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Simon XO said,

It was the last fully produced song we finished, all in a post-quarantine setting, and circles themes of forgiveness and understanding in the face of your own flaws and limitations. The remote zoom sessions that dominated its recording process couldn’t be more in that spirit. It forced me and my co-producer, Michael Blasky, to piece together remote live recordings from our various instrumentalist friends by chopping, pitching, and rearranging over and over again until we achieved the balance of authentic and synthetic that we were striving for. And after all that chaos, it’s a recording I couldn’t be more proud of.