NUUXS Unveils New Single ‘Dreamers’

Following on from her last single Laundry, London-based, French-born, alt-pop singer and songwriter NUUXS has just shared her brand new single Dreamers, a surreal pop ballad out now via Goldun Egg/Absolute. 

The fourth single from her forthcoming debut album Heirloom, due in 2021, Dreamers - produced by label boss Jake Gosling (The Libertines, Ed Sheeran) and co-written by Ragz Originale (Skepta) - is a captivating song that beautifully combines NUUXS’ glittering vocals with moody piano keys, atmospheric strings and otherworldly sonics. I am particularly fond of her gorgeous vocals, lush piano keys and overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, NUUXS said,

‘Dreamers’ is for anyone who needs a moment to remind themselves that dreams do and can come true. As we grow up we are slowly given things to carry that make it harder to feel that weightlessness we did when we were children. ‘Dreamers’ is for the person that needs to hear their dreams were and are real and must at all costs be kept safe.