NUUXS Unveils New Single ‘Laundry’
London-based, French-born, alt-pop singer and songwriter NUUXS has just shared her brand new single Laundry, out now via Goldun Egg/Absolute.

The third single to be taken from her upcoming debut album Heirloom, Laundry is a soulful piece of alt/indie r&b music on which NUUXS shares her personal account of domestic struggles and socio-political commentary, told through the prism of her own experiences growing up in East London. NUUXS’ mother raised her and her siblings on her own whilst working in a care home and watching her struggles had a profound impact on her. This cool message is wrapped around a captivating production with cool guitar riffs, steady drums and lovely piano chords backing her lush vocals. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, NUUXS said,
It was ridiculous, you know, someone working so much but not being able to make ends meet. Having observed my mum, the once vivacious ballerina, turn into a very tired woman with severe back pains from all the heavy-duty washing she was doing, I could see why some might turn to alcohol as a form of solace. So I guess this song is me being pissed off with how society can be, and how the government can be. This is the time more than ever that we should see community being at the forefront of leadership.