Mike Mains & The Branches Share ‘Briggs - Cinematic Version’

Nashville-based pop/rock band Mike Mains & The Branches have just unveiled a brand new version of fan favourite track Briggs.

I am really enjoying this cinematic version which allows the listener to fully appreciate every aspect of Briggs in a new headspace. Fabulous vocals and a wonderful new arrangement invoke an involuntary emotional response that will be different for every listener, once again showing the beauty of their songwriting talents. Loving those lush strings and gorgeous harmonies which create such a warm atmosphere.

To accompany the release, the band shared a lovely, captivating music video directed by Jax Anderson which you can check out below!


 Speaking about the song, Mike Mains said,

One afternoon I recorded an acoustic guitar and vocal and left the room. Shannon produced this gorgeous cinematic arrangement that took me back to our first trip in Iceland a few years ago. It felt as big as the mountains and waterfalls we saw during our trips. We were able to achieve that lush sonic landscape with the help of our friend Jesse Proctor. I’m proud of this version because it’s a window inside Shannon’s creative world and reminds me that there is wild beauty to be found in the world if our eyes are open.