M-22 Share New Single ‘Think About Us’ ft. LORNE

British/German duo M-22, consisting of Matt James and Frank Sanders, have just released their brand new single, Think About Us, featuring LORNE, out now via EMI Records.

I am loving this blend of soulful pop music with their distinctive electronic sound, making this quite a memorable listening experience. Those powerful, soulful vocals soar beautifully over the feel-good electronic production packed with lush synths and groovy rhythms. 

Accompanying the release is a cool music video directed by Norwegian filmmaker HochR. It features a spectacular & unusual sight thanks to a unique chemical reaction: one of the biggest ever studio-based ‘elephant toothpaste’ foam explosions caught on camera. Elephant toothpaste is a concoction of hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodide and detergent, which is combined to create a giant eruption of foam. This process is created to breathtaking effect in M-22’s Think About Us official video, which tells the love story of a couple in a vintage 90s Audi car, which before long is split in two. Check it out below!


Speaking about the video, director HochR, says:

I heard the song and what came to mind was a dancer with a fireman's axe and a couple in a Citroen XM about to blow up with 100 litres of hydrogen peroxide. Don’t ask me where I get my visuals from - I've got no clue myself.