Laurent Shares New Single ‘Only One’

Norwegian singer and songwriter Laurent has just shared his brand new single Only One, the follow to September's I'm Done, out now on his own label L.V.K.

I love his smooth, soulful vocals and here they infuse the song with a sensual touch that incredibly captivating. This sensual piece of neo-soul/contemporary r&b is about being involved with someone without defining the relationship, not being really together yet not wanting to meet anyone else but then you find out that other person is seeing other people and you can't really be mad or call them out because you didn't want to be in a serious relationship. This is quite a relatable song and is wrapped around a smooth and sensual production that allows for Laurent's gorgeous vocals to soar effortlessly. Check out this gem below!

Speaking about the song, Laurent said,
It's directly about a woman I had a little "entanglement" with. We were not together, but we were at the stage where you have come so far that you do not really meet anyone else. You get the situation? Think it's just an unwritten rule haha! Lying in the same bed with someone you are fascinated by and being told that "you are the only one" when you know it's a lie, is terrible to listen to. It's like getting a little suffocated in an annoyed way. I knew that she not only met me but that she had been with someone else as well. On one hand, I had nothing to say because we were not a couple, but on the other hand, I became a little selfish. I never brought it up with her, because it would have been two-faced of me when I repeatedly stated that I was not looking for a serious relationship. The problem here was that I was so attracted to her that I started trying to be a "better" person towards her because I wanted her for myself, but I still did not want to take the step into a serious relationship and commit (Now realizing how selfish I am towards myself and towards her). Her energy, charisma and appearance fooled me and I accepted it for a while. Eventually we drifted apart and she ended up getting a boyfriend a while later. (Maybe I was a little in love, when I really think about it? Haha)