Laurent Shares New Single ‘I’m Done’
Norwegian singer and songwriter Laurent has just shared his brand new single I'm Done, the follow to June's Paradise, out now on his own label L.V.K.

I am a fan of his smooth, soulful vocals and they are beautifully backed by a polished electro-pop production. This song is about being tired of everyone else's opinions and not wanting to miss out on his dreams. This is quite a relatable message as I believe most of us have been frustrated with our day jobs when we wished we were doing something we truly love. I am really enjoying the slick production around his lovely, confident vocals with infectious melodies that got me hooked to it right after the very first listen. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Laurent said,
This song was written quite exactly 2 years ago, when I was in Sweden with Mazen Awad. We discussed my life situation at that time. Before I´m Done; I had long tried to force myself to go back to a "normal" job, but at that time struggled with it because I was too hung up on everyone else's opinions. I was simply too proud and terrified to lose my “place” and afraid that people would have a different impression of me than "artist". It all started with my first day at work as a bartender in Bergen. The nightclub was in full swing and I was thrown into the bar. The first guest I was to serve was someone who recognized me from my previous music career. His first comment was "It went damn fast from a stage to a bar!" This was what inspired me to write "I'm Done". It feels very wrong to stand in a bar or sit in an office and promote other artists for a nightclub when you yourself are an artist, rather than working on your own artist career. I have an extremely bad conscience and I immediately feel a nasty kind of fomo (fear of missing out) feeling.