Felid Shares New Single ‘On Your Own’

South African-born, Bristol-based singer, songwriter and producer Felid (pronounce Fee-lid) has just unveiled his brand new single On Your Own, a cool piece of synth-powered electro-pop music.

I am really enjoying his warm, smooth vocals and how they soar over the infectious electronic production packed with juddery electronics creating choppy textures and alluring soundscapes. I am particularly fond of the patterned keys and how they are beautifully intertwined with a laid-back beat to produce an iridescent backdrop for his intentionally sluggish vocals. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Felid said,

I dreamt this one up. It felt more like a gift from my imagination than a song that I'd written. In my dream I was sitting in my apartment, except it was in Greece or somewhere similar with a view overlooking a really sweet looking beach. I was listening to the 'finished' track with my vocal engineer when a friend walked in and said "Yes! THIS is Felid!". I woke up at 4.30am with that chorus chord progression, melody, and the line "I don't wanna feel that love again" going round in circles in my head, and had to write/produce the song straight away. I only realised afterwards who or what it was about, and that it was clearly a subject that had been weighing on my mind a lot up until then...