Joe & The Anchor Share New Single ‘Lou Lou’

Swedish dream pop band Joe & The Anchor, consisting of the four friends Joakim Rosenlund, Robin Zhang, Viktor Edsjö and Ruben Sonesson, have just shared their brand new single Lou Lou, an emotional pop ballad about lost love and the complicated feelings that emerge with it.

The third single to be released from their upcoming EP Blue, Lou Lou is an infectious pop song on which lead singer Joakim's vulnerable vocals are packed with so much emotion, instantly connecting the listener with their lovely, relatable storytelling. I am really enjoying the emotive piano chords and infectious beat that create the perfect soundscape for Joakim's vocals to soar. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, the band said,

Lou Lou alludes to a charming obsession that sometimes arises after an intense but short-lived love affair has ended. The feeling of not having had the chance to fully explore what could have been.