Hoger Shares Emotional New Single ‘Same Mistakes’

Dutch singer and songwriter Hoger has just shared his emotional new single Same Mistakes, a song about finally getting out of a toxic relationship but ending up falling back into bad habits.

Hoger beautifully captures the moments and emotions of the good and bad of such situations and shows that when it comes to love, logic seems to be set aside. I am really enjoying his passionate vocal delivery  and harmonies which soar effortlessly over the powerful pop production. I am particularly fond of the reverberating guitars (and awesome solo) and anthemic percussion which enhances the melancholic and emotion atmosphere of his heartfelt storytelling. Have a listen to this gem below!

Speaking about the song, Hoger said,

It’s about falling in love with a toxic person or being stuck in a toxic relationship where you somehow were lucky enough to finally found a way out. You tell yourself that you will never ever go down that route once more, because you don’t ever want to feel like that again. However, life doesn’t work in a stable and logical way that would make sense and you somehow fall for the same person again OR for someone similar. For some weird reason you love this person and that’s the beauty in the pain; you love and accept the way it breaks you up in pieces.