Elaskia Shares New Single ‘Lying to Myself’

Australian singer and songwriter Elaskia has just shared her brand new single Lying to Myself, written and produced by Elaskia herself.

Lying to Myself is a highly infectious piece of electro-pop music with Elaskia's vocals soaring beautifully over an explosion of bright dazzling synths and guitars that swirl in a wave of dreamy electronic pop. I am really enjoying those bright synths and how the song instantly got me in a good mood and wanting to sing along to it. Have a listen to this infectious pop gem below!

Speaking about the song, Elaskia said,

I wanted to create a song that felt like a thought process. A representation of that moment when you get trapped in your own head and everything your thinking builds to a point where you just feel like you could explode. I think that’s what the song does, explodes into this chorus that’s like a realisation of I’ve had enough, I deserve better and I’m moving forward.