The Ware and YOSIE Share New Single ‘Drive On’

French production duo The Ware have teamed up with German singer and songwriter YOSIE to deliver a highly hypnotic electro-pop new single titled Drive On
Drive On invites the listener to escape everyday life with all its problems and go on a daydreaming journey and it sure helped me forget about life for a few minutes. The whole production is quite relaxing with a laid-back groove backing YOSIE's soothing vocals. 
I am really enjoying the smooth guitar sounds which are beautifully intertwined with strong house elements, creating a warm and laid-back atmosphere perfect for a relaxing weekend at home or out in the sun. Drive On is definitely one of those songs I'll be playing when I want to forget about my problems for a while and just relax. Check it out below!
Speaking about the song, The Ware said,
While creating the track, we were inspired by melodic sonorities that we wanted to adapt to classical instruments. The guitar helped us bring this Pop-House side to the piece. We figured out that we needed to bring an explosive touch to the song as well and naturally turned towards Yosie’s exceptional voice.
YOSIE added,
I hope when you listen « Drive On » it makes you feel like you can pause all the shitty things that happen, all the stuff that stresses you out, that you can’t fix. For one second you are just a visitor on Planet Earth, not a resident and all the human struggles are not yours.