Michael Bernard Fitzgerald Shares New Single ‘Good Plates’
Canadian singer and songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is back with a lovely new single titled Good Plates, taken from his upcoming album set to come out via Treasure Island Recs / Fontana North.

I am really enjoying his gorgeous vocals which are packed with tons of emotion and soul, effortlessly soaring over the polished production. I am also very fond of those lush, intricate guitar melodies and how they create quite a warm and intimate atmosphere for his storytelling to soar. Good Plates is a song about happy moments in life with the person you love and is such a captivating piece of minimalist folk music. I am also loving the sax touches near the end that just give the song an extra cool touch. If you're into beautifully-written pieces of folk music with gorgeous vocals, then you'll love Good Plates. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Michael said Good Plates is a song,
about being in that place with that person and having a reason to get out the good dishes. Everyone knows that feeling - when those ‘get the good plates out’ moments happen in life. This song is drawing on that feeling and also having that person you love - experiencing those moments together.