Luke Potter Shares New Single ‘Somebody Else’

British self-taught musician, singer and songwriter Luke Potter has just shared his brand new single Somebody Else, an upbeat piece of electro-pop/EDM out now via Swedish label LMG. I am a fan of Luke's music for some years now and I am really enjoying to see his musical journey and how he is finding his place within the electro-pop/EDM world. 

With Somebody Else, Luke once again showcases how a gifted singer and storyteller he is, with his lovely vocals soaring effortlessly over the upbeat production and flawlessly conveying the emotion of his heartfelt lyrics. Somebody Else is a song written about how life could be better if we just stop worrying about what others think of us and accept that our flaws make us the perfect people that we all are. I am really enjoying the cool guitars, punchy percussion and synths that create such a feel-good atmosphere perfect for these last summer days. Check it out below!