Kowloon Shares New Single ‘Come Over’

American singer and songwriter Kowloon has just unveiled his brand new single Come Over, the follow up to his hit singles Paradise and English Morning. Come Over is a dance song for the bedroom and I think you guys will love it. 

I am a fan of Kowloon’s breathy and intimate vocals and here they soar beautifully over the infectious production packed with groovy guitar riffs, disco drums and an irresistibly bouncing bass line. The song oozes a chill, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a relaxing day at home. I am particularly fond of the cool electronics and slide guitar and how the song sounds incredibly natural and effortless, like it just came to be this way out of nowhere. Come Over is such a cool song which instantly got me in a good and relaxed mood and looking forward for the weekend. Check it out below!