Hi Frisco Share New Single ‘Quiet Lights’

Following the release of their lovely single Headspin, featuring Charlotte Spiral, British Indie-psych duo Hi Frisco have just unveiled an uplifting new single titled Quiet Lights, taken from their upcoming debut album, Goobdye, Blue Monday, set to arrive on October 9th!
I am really enjoying the bright and glittering production that allow for those smooth vocals to soar beautifully. I am very fond of the groovy guitars, punchy drums and cool blend of psychedelic and pop elements which create quite a hazy, somewhat hypnotic, atmosphere that gets me thinking of those late summer days having fun by the beach with my friends. Quiet Lights is a gorgeous piece of indie-pop music with an overall laid-back atmosphere that I think you guys will enjoy. Check it out below!
Speaking about Quiet Lights, the band said,
The initial demo happened around Christmas, I was reflecting over the last few years of my life, searching for the last time I had the feeling of being carefree. Daydreaming of being free from the pressures of time, money, touring, drinking, partying, living in east London etc etc, finding somewhere tranquil to be. It follows the idea that the pursuit can be more fulfilling and enlightening than what it is you’re pursuing, adopting a sit back and enjoy the trip style mantra. Comes with an homage to the bright lights of home (Blackpool), in the form of a jaunty fairground organ intro.