Sianon Shares New Single ‘Make Me Jealous’
British singer and songwriter Sianon has just shared her brand new single Make Me Jealous, an uplifting, feel-good pop song about the relatable act of making someone jealous.

I am very, very fond of her lovely, distinctive vocals and how they instantly drew my attention to her beautifully-written lyrics. Sianon's gorgeous vocals are backed by an upbeat electro-pop production with infectious melodies that instantly got stuck to my brain. Make Me Jealous is a fun, feel-good piece of pop music with cool lyrics and gorgeous vocals and I think you guys will enjoy it too. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Sianon said,
I turned up to a party with somebody else because I knew my ex-boyfriend was going to be there and wanted to look like I’d moved on, he also turned up with someone but we later found out from mutual friends we’d had the same idea and were still very much single and caught up on each other.