Neuhaus x Retrograded Drop New Single ‘Blind Eyed’
Neuhaus, the project of 21-year-old American vocalist, producer, and overall musician Michael Neuhaus, has teamed up with fellow American artist Retrograded to release his cool new single Blind Eyed, a smooth song about feeling forgotten after thinking you had something going with someone.

This sounds like the story of my life, and now with social media and dating apps, it's easier to ghost someone and harder to make a digital relationship to live to see reality. This is quite a relatable song and is beautifully backed by a laid-back pop production packed with awesome guitars and an infectious beat. I am also very fond of those smooth, warm vocals and how they enhance the song's chill vibe. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Neuhaus said,
I fell for a girl who shows all the signs that she's into me but when it comes to meeting up in person she just didn't want to. 'Blind Eyed' is a whimsical and bittersweet commentary on my current experiences with relationships and online dating. PS I really hate dating apps.