haer Shares New Single ‘The B Word’
Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter haer has just shared her brand new single The B Word, a deep reflecting about the trauma she experienced when her mom passed away when she was only 10 years old.

This heartfelt song is wrapped around a captivating contemporary r&b production with electro-pop touches that allow for haer's gorgeous vocals to soar effortlessly and perfectly convey the emotion of her lyrics. The B Word is the word bye and how she wasn't able to say it to her mom. Such beautiful storytelling enhanced by her emotive vocals and wrapped around infectious melodies which you can check out below!

Speaking about the song, haer said that it,
is a deep reflection about the trauma of my mom passing away when I was only ten years old, and how I was left confused and puzzled about who I had to be and who I was becoming. Even when I tried to piece memories of her to learn more about myself, the constant repression of the event made it difficult to remember who she actually was. 'The B Word' is the word, bye and how I was never able to say it and how I still feel like, at times, I cannot come to terms with what happened.