Ant Utama Shares New Single ‘When We Were Young’
New Zealand-born, Germany-based singer and songwriter Ant Utama has just shared his brand new single When We Were Young, a nostalgia-infused piece of electro-pop music, taken from his new EP, Brave, out now!

When We Were Young is a very relatable song as Ant sings about seeing his friends at different stages of life and starts reminiscing about those days when they were young and being bound by our roots that all lead back home. I can relate with what he's singing, especially having friends spread all over the world and seeing them at different stages of life, making me look back to those days when things were easier, with no cares in the world. I am a sucker for nostalgic songs and this song is packed with nostalgia but wrapped around an upbeat electro-pop production with sun-soaked guitar riffs that sound perfect for a relaxing day by the beach. Check it out below!