Emily Vu Shares New Single ‘Just Wait’
Californian singer and songwriter Emily Vu has just shared her brand new single Just Wait, produced by multi-platinum producer Sir Nolan (Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez) and Andrew Schmidt aka SZNS.

Just Wait is a bright melodic pop song on which Emily Vu beautifully showcases her lovely vocals and storytelling abilities. This is a song that explores the vulnerability of falling in love with an engaging self-awareness. I am very fond of the lush guitar riffs and the song's overall laid-back atmosphere that makes it perfect for a hot, summer day. To accompany the release, Emily has shared its official music video which you can check out below!

Speaking about the song, Emily said,
It’s about being aware of how susceptible I am to love and how being in love or just starting to get to know someone is a very vulnerable thing for me. I’m asking for them to wait for me and just trust the process.