Anja Kotar Shares New Single ‘Woo!’
American contemporary pop singer-songwriter Anja Kotar is back with a brand new single titled Woo!, the follow up to her lovely, laid-back single Tuscany.

Unlike its predecessor, Woo! picks up the pace with a more upbeat electronic production that beautifully backs her lovely vocals. Woo! is a song about dancing and instantly transports the listener to those hot summer nights and dancing to escape current life. Anja got the inspiration for this song from observing many people with headphones on their day-to-day and she wanted to capture this feeling of having our own soundtrack with this song. I am really enjoying the upbeat and danceable atmosphere of this song which is packed with modern pop melodies and upbeat synths that instantly got stuck to my head right after the very first listen. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Anja said,
I first got the idea for the song last spring in Seattle when I was standing on the train platform and as I was looking around, I noticed that almost everyone had headphones in. Some people were tapping their feet, bopping their heads, but everyone to their own beat. It was as if every person was creating their own personal soundtrack for their lives; almost like selecting the genre of your own personal movie through the music you choose. I wanted a song to embrace this modern age phenomenon, where you can put headphones on, turn the volume up and forget whatever craziness is going on in the world. Even though it was written last year, it (almost eerily) rings even more true in the world as we know it today.