Alith Berndarn Shares New Single ‘Signs’
Following the release of Right For You, Vienna-native and Hamburg-based producer / visual artist Alith Berndarn is back with his brand new single Signs, the second single to be taken from his highly-anticipated EP, Lucid Scent.

Once again Alith Berndarn shares a highly captivating piece of music that instantly gets the listener in a good mood. Signs starts with a soothing lo-fi-esque pad sound, which is engulfed by the artist’s signature sounds: the chirping birds. I am also enjoying the soul-esque vocals and how they infuse the song with a hypnotic touch. Loving those rhythmic intonations, killer bass and infectious chord progression that just makes the song stand out even more. What I love the most about the song is its chill, laid-back atmosphere and how it sounds perfect for a relaxing day at home.

To accompany the release, Alith shared its captivating visuals which will instantly draw your attention from start to finish. Check out this hypnotic piece of electronic music below!

Speaking about the song, Alith said,
….Signs is about recalling the good old memories from your family vacation days. It is about the sheer thought of nostalgia when you’re coming up old family pictures from your summer vacation days. Born in the ‘90s, we were always recording the utmost majority of our summer holidays with a good old Sony video camera. During these days, we also stumbled over old recordings from my mum from the 60s to the 80s or old tape records she had around from the US in the 80s. The beginning of the video illustrates the feeling of every vacation start. We mostly traveled by car throughout the days. The mid-part is dedicated to the vintage recordings of summer vacation ads from the US. The end portrays the thought to keep the nostalgic moments always in your mind.