Northern National Share New Single ‘Half-Hearted Love’
Back in 2017 I was introduced to Texas-based, five-piece indie rock band Northern National who won me over with their single MoneyBlind and now they have done it again with their anthemic new single Half-Hearted Love.

I am loving those smooth vocals and how they perfectly convey the emotion of the lyrics that deal with the relatable theme of searching for love. The synth lines are quite catchy and combined with the guitar riffs, make this piece of indie-rock music stand out even more. Really enjoying the anthemic touch in the bridge which is perfect to get us hyped up and sing along with them, making it perfect for the summer festivals to come. If you are into indie-rock music with groovy guitar riffs, smooth, yet emotive, vocals and meaningful lyrics, then you'll love Half-Hearted Love. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song the guys said,
Half-Hearted Love is a very special one to us. It encompasses the feeling of searching for love that you might miss otherwise. From the instrumental swell up to the end, it's meant to feel like you're waking up, encompassing your day, then ending your day - repeat.