Northern National Release New Single "MoneyBlind"

Northern National Release New Single "MoneyBlind"
Indie-rock band, Northern National have released their brand new single, MoneyBlind. This is a captivation track featuring awesome guitar riffs, effortlessly intertwined with the mesmerizing vocals that incite listeners from the beginning. Loving the way it blends a laidback feel-good vibe with a heavier, alternative rock energy. Check it out below!

The meaning behind MoneyBlind is just as captivating as the song itself. It tells the story of the pursuit of success, getting caught up in the chase, forgetting about the most important things in life, and finding yourself alone in your accomplishments. The band explains,
To us, it’s a warning and reminder that however much success we achieve – to not sacrifice the people, morals, and loved ones that matter in your life to achiev e that success. The road might be slower, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Don’t be ‘MoneyBlind.’

Based in Dallas, Texas, Northern National was originally formed by pianist and lyricist, Michael Kanne and vocalist, Michael Rossi. In 2016, the band secured their official line up as the five-person band with the additions of drummer, Anthony Comas, bassist, Dylan Greene, and lead guitarist, Andrew Supulski. All coming from different backgrounds, each musician brings different influences to the table, making for a unique and fresh approach to alternative rock. Recently embracing a southern alternative rock vibe, Northern National is a versatile band that can write soul and pop tunes, and can just as easily flip the switch and dive deeper in the rock spectrum when needed, keeping listeners intrigued with what they’ll do next.
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