Nicolas McCoppin Unveils Debut Single ‘Stuck’

Nicolas McCoppin Unveils Debut Single ‘Stuck’
Time for some upbeat electro pop music. NYC based pop singer and songwriter Nicolas McCoppin has been singing since he was a kid and at the age of 10 he began posting cover songs to Youtube. Last year he began working with producers and co-writers to develop his sound, which can be described as Dance-pop with an 80s touch, and now he is ready to share his music with the world with the release of his debut single Stuck.

I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how his vocals soar over the upbeat electronic production. The intro instantly caught my attention and then the song builds up into a full on dance-pop song with an infectious pop hook. Stuck is a song about being "hooked" to someone that isn't good for you but you've got that someone stuck in your head. Overall this is quite a cool piece of electro pop music with good melodies and an infectious chorus. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Nicolas said,
"Stuck" is a song about a boy who was bad for me but I was crazy about. He's no longer a love interest of mine but I know if he heard the song he'd know it was about him haha! I went into the session knowing I wanted a super dance-pop song with a power topline. I grew up on 2010s pop music so making music true to that sound was a priority for me.
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