Winnie Raeder Unveils New Single ‘I Wear A Ghost’

Winnie Raeder Unveils New Single ‘I Wear A Ghost’
Time for a heartwarming song! London-based, 23-year-old Danish singer-songwriter Winnie Raeder is back with another emotional cut titled I Wear A Ghost, out now via AE Records!

I fell in love with Winnie's music after listening to her debut single Don't You Dare, and with this new single she proves that she is definitely one to watch!

Winnie co-wrote I Wear A Ghost with RØMANS and here she sings about taking emotional scars into our future relationships, and rellying on that future love and connection to share the weight of those scars.

Winnie's rich, powerful vocals give me the chills every single time I press play, filling my heart with a warm embrace and much love. Once again she delivers a heartfelt song packed with smooth, infectious melodies and haunting harmonies. I am loving the acoustic guitar plucks which highlight the emotive atmosphere of the song. Stream this gem below!

Speaking about the song Winnie said,
It felt like it was already written. We had a conversation and the song just happened so naturally. We were just two people talking about life, talking about how things feel and how it feels to be human.
Winnie plays her first, sold out, headline show at St Pancras Old Church on June 3rd.

3.6.19 - Headline Show at St Pancras Old Church - SOLD OUT
15.6.19 - Bushstock, London
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